The Accessories page is where you find extras for your pressure transmitters. These are equipment and devices performing a variety functions, from configuration of smart pressure transmitters to protection from adverse effects produced by the media and environment. The range includes HART-modems, configurators, pulse tubes, termination boxes, power blocks, mounting clamps for submersible pressure transmitters.

    MH-02 (COM), HI 321 (USB) HART modems
      Configuring HART-Enabled Smart Pressure Transmitters
    ADAPT-100 Configurators


    • Operating temperature limits 10…+40 ˚С
    • Ingress protection rating IP40
    • Weight with batteries max 250 g
    ADAPT-1, ADAPT-3
    • Settings Configuration DMP 331i/333i, LMP 331i/308i
    • Pressure Switch Configuration DS 4/DS 6
    SVOP, SVON Clamps for Submersible Transmitters


    Clamps for Submersible Transmitters
    • SVOP zinc-plated clip
    • SVON stainless steel clamp
    • Diameter of clamped cables from 6 to 15 mm
    Pulse tubes: U-shaped, circular

    U-shaped, circular

    Pulse tubes:
    • Operating pressure up to 25 МПа
    • Operating temperature up to 300 °С
    • Material carbon steel or stainless steel
    KL3 Termination boxes


    Termination boxes
    • Cable gland M16x1.5 polyamide, NBR seal
    • Housing aluminum
    • Ingress protection rating IP 65
    KL4 Termination boxes


    Termination boxes
    • Housing aluminum
    • Ingress protection rating IP65
    • Wires cross section up to 2.5 mm²
    AGP-24-1 Power supply units


    Power supply units
    • Rated input voltage 220 V ± 20%
    • Number of DC outputs 4, uninsulated
    • Rated output voltage 24 V
    • Permissible temperature limits -20…+60°С