Приварка сенсора к штуцеру датчика
Welding sensor to the pressure port, pressure transmitter designed for refrigerants

Pressure transmitters are widely used in industrial-grade refrigeration systems: refrigeration plants and units, refrigeration centers and chillers, industrial-grade air conditioning systems.

Refrigeration equipment can have separate low and high pressure transmitters on each cooling circuit. Pressure transmitters monitor operation of refrigeration equipment; they are used in:

  • systems regulating performance of injection and suction lines compressors
  • systems controlling refrigerant circulation pumps
  • flow control systems
  • refrigerating unit systems that regulate thermal expansion compensation and control cooling liquid temperature

Data provided by pressure transmitters enables:

  • high and low pressure control and threshold signaling
  • ventilation systems control
  • pressure drop control in compressor units
  • evaporator frost protection

Pressure transmitters for refrigeration equipment have a number of distinctive features, including:

  1. Welded mounting

    Refrigerants used in refrigeration units are aggressive to virtually all elastomers.
    Measuring their pressure requires a no-seals design, with pressure ports welded to sensors.

  2. Special pressure port versions

    Threaded connections of such pressure ports are rarely found in other industries and technological setups: ¼ NPT, G 3 / 8A, ¼ milled, 3/8 soldered, 7/16 "-20 UNF FTHRD.

  3. Output signal

    Transmitters can be designed to generate a ratiometric output signal of 0.5-4.5 V.
    This kind of output signal linearly depends on the transmitter's supply voltage.

  4. Range adjustment

    Low pressure: -1 ... 6 bar; -1 ... 10 bar; -1 ... 16 bar
    High pressure: -1 ... 25 bar; -1 ... 40 bar; -1 ... 60 bar

BD Sensors RUS pressure transmitters for industrial-grade refrigeration plants


DMP 330S DMP 330S
Pressure ranges: from 0 ... 6 to 0 ... 600, from -1 ... 6 to -1 ... 60 bar, gauge pressure
Accuracy: 0.5% of span
Output signal:  4 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 V, 0.5 ... 4.5 V (Ratiometric)
Permissible media temperatures:  -40 ... + 125 °C
Pressure ports:  G¼ ", G½", 1/4 "NPT, 7/16" UNF
Electrical connections:  DIN 43650, cable gland, DIN 43650C Micro, M12x1