Import substitution is the basis of the business strategy of BD Sensors RUS, and we have been consistently implementing this strategy since the launch in 2005. At the outset, the company's goals were to learn the advanced European technology for making pressure and level transmitters, bring the relevant latest design and production technologies to Russia and set up a full-scale instrument factory here. The goals were achieved. Today, BD Sensors RUS is an advanced full-cycle manufacturing company, leader of the domestic pressure transmitters and hydrostatic level transmitters market.

We highly appreciate the special attention that customers pay today to national producers. Giving back, we offer preferential terms to those who choose our products for the first time and in the spirit of the imports substitution strategy. The BD Sensors RUS import substitution program was developed specifically for such customers and offers them extra support at the beginning of our cooperation.

The participants of the program enjoy

  • special prices
  • support hotline
  • guidance in picking analogues to replace imported devices
  • test runs of most of the products offered

Joining the ranks of our customers, participants of the import substitution program unlock all the the advantages working with BD Sensors RUS implies, including:

  • access to the largest catalog of pressure and level transmitters on the market
  • 5-year calibration period
  • standard production time of 5-10 business days
  • delivery anywhere in the Russian Federation


How to join the program

Any Russian company can join the program, a company that plans to replace imported pressure transmitters with high-quality analogues made in Russia, regardless of whether the transmitters form part of made and sold systems and equipment or complete machinery used by such company.

To join, please send us an application stating the task you have at hand. As soon as possible, the program's curator will contact you to clarify the details and compile a special proposal.

We are sure that choosing pressure and level transmitters made by BD Sensor you choose Russian devices offering highest quality, reliability and accuracy.

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