DS 201, the new multifunctional pressure transmitter/switch

BD SENSORS RUS extends the range of pressure transmitters/switches with DS 201, a transmitter that features discrete outputs up to 4 PNP contacts and a ceramic diaphragm. The ceramic diaphragm is flush, which makes DS 201 a good choice when you need to control pressure of viscous, pasty and abrasive media.

The switch measures gauge and absolute pressure.
Pressure ranges: -1 to 0; 0.6...600 bar
Accuracy: 0.5% of span
Analog output: 4...20 mA/2 wires; 0...10 V/3-wire; 4...20 mA/3 wires; 4...20 mA/2 wire / 0ExiaIICT4 (plus 1 switch output)
Discrete output: 1,2 and 4 PNP
Electrical connection: DIN 43650, M 12x1 (5 and 8-pin Binder 713), cable gland
Mechanical connection: G½ "and G¼" (DIN/EN ); M 20x1.5" (DIN/EN) G½" DIN 3852 flush diaphragm, G¾" DIN 3852 flush diaphragm, G½" DIN 3852 open port, ½" and ¼" NPT (K½ and K¼ under GOST 6111-52).