Modbus pressure and level transmitters

BD Sensors RUS launches production of compact pressure transmitters that can exchange data via the Modbus RTU communication protocol. You can now order the following Modbus-enabled transmitters from us: LMP 331i, LMP 307i, DMP 331i. Top level communication via the Modbus RTU protocol makes use of the RS485 interface.

General technical specifications:


LMP 331i

LMP 307i

DMP 331i

Pressure ranges

from 0…1 to 0…400 mWC

from 0…4 to 0…200 mWC

from 0…0,4 to 0…40 bar

Type of pressure



absolute, gauge, vacuum


0,1 % of span

0,1 % of span

0,1 % of span

Output signal

4…20 mA, RS 485/HART, RS 485/Modbus

0/4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS 485/HART, RS 485/Modbus

4…20 mA, RS 485/HART, RS 485/Modbus

Pressure port



M20x1.5, G¼", G½"

Electrical connection

DIN 43650, Binder 723 (5-pin), M12x1 (4-pin), cable gland PG7, Buccaneer

cables: PVC, PUR, FEP, etc.

DIN 43650, Binder 723 (5-pin), M12x1 (4-pin), cable gland PG7, Buccaneer